Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm taking one or two days off . . .

I'm taking one or two days off . . .

then I'll be back as FAR RIGHT DEMOCRAT.

I hope you'll follow me / sign up for my new site as a follower.



Sara said...

I think pretty much everyone could use a few days off at this point, for one reason or another.

I've been reading your blog since the beginning, I will be certain to follow you on to your new blog.

And just so you know - there is nothing wrong with being a 'right' Democrat. My mother has been one for about 36 years.

aimai said...

Hm, what happened to the plethora of dopey posts before night fell? Did you eliminate them? Well, take some time off and come back as a right wing democrat--whatever the fuck that means. To me, and to most jews, it means some kind of basically racist, unjewish, asshole who is more concerned with greed and fear than with matters of transcendent justice, mercy, compassion or even thought. But its a big tent. Just remember that not only don't you speak for the jews, you don't even speak for the democrats.


FinFanJim said...

Hey Aimai

Here's a statistic to make your morning: The highest percentage of politically conservative jews are in the Orthodox category. And they are the fastest growing segment too, since they actually have babies rather than simply pursue materialism like a lot of you non-practicing liberals who call themselves jews because - well, they had a bar mitzvah when they were 13, and maybe once a year, at most and not even every year, they'll go to Temple.

Yeah, you and your "justice, mercy and compassion." Is that what they call big government Socialism these days? What percentage of YOUR income do you donate to charity, Mr. Compassion?

I suppose in YOUR open minded world, the 30-38% or so of jews who vote republican (let alone vote for the more conservative democrat if given a choice)are not even "real" jews.

Liberals are always so open minded and compassionate. As long as they are dealing with people who think EXACTLY the same way they do.

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